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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions


Retail Sales

These Conditions shall apply to the contract for the sale of Goods by the Seller to the Buyer.
1. The details on the Acknowledgement have been completed and are correct.
2. Any specific instructions or requirements not covered by the Acknowledgement have been recorded and agreed on relevant attachments. These attachments are to be deemed a part of the contract.
3. Where the Order is for a caravan yet to be manufactured, you have been acquainted with the manufacturer’s reservations in respect of potential changes to specification. We will notify you and offer you the right to cancel and to receive back in full any deposit paid if major changes in specification are to be made between date of Order and date of Delivery.
Where the Order is for a caravan chosen from stock, you have inspected the caravan and satisfied yourself it meets your requirements.
4. You have paid the agreed deposit of £__________ and any cooling off period has been explained. If you cancel the order within any cooling-off period we shall refund the deposit in full. If you cancel the order after ____/____/20__ but before delivery we shall be entitled to recover our reasonable losses (e.g. as a deduction from the deposit) as a result of the cancellation. You have been made aware of any actions that will not occur until the cooling off period has expired. This also applies to any further stage payments that have been agreed.
5. The final balance will become due upon delivery to the designated delivery address.
6. Where the caravan is to be sited on a caravan park, you have been made aware of the responsibilities that will be undertaken by each party with regard to delivery, siting, commissioning and handover.
____________ is responsible for Siting the caravan and connecting it to the services (i.e. Water & Sewerage)
____________ is responsible for Commissioning the caravan (i.e. Gas, Electric)
7. The manufacturer’s warranty is only applicable to new static caravans. The warranty period, conditions and exclusions, where applicable, have been explained to you and the procedure for reporting any faults within that period has been made clear to you. Details of the manufacturer warranty are found on the respective Caravan Manufacturers website.
8. Used static caravans are either covered by our 6 month Sandycove warranty (Parts & labour.) or they are sold without warranty. This will be detailed on your Acknowledgement of Order form.
The Sandycove 6 month Warranty only includes:
*Water leaks, domestic supply or central heating.
*Failure of any fitted appliance - gas, or electric.
*Failure of the structure.
*Water ingress.
Warranty does not cover wear and tear, accidental or malicious damage, failure of the structure due to incorrect siting, failure of any components that have been incorrectly connected to the electricity supply, water supply, sewage system, gas supply or terminals.
9. You have been given a copy of the seller’s Complaints Procedure.
10. Both you and the seller’s representative have signed the Acknowledgement and any supporting attachments and you have been given copies of each of these documents.
The Terms of this agreement do not affect any of the Buyer's statutory rights as a consumer, which cannot be excluded by this agreement. For more information on these statutory rights contact a local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.
Touring Caravans & Motorhomes
Sandycove Touring Park is a family park catering for Touring Caravans and Motor Homes. Tents are not accepted.
We reserve the right to refuse any booking. Our guests' enjoyment and safety is paramount and therefore we ask you to read the following Terms & Conditions before making your booking. We reserve the right to ask guests who contravene these terms and conditions or, who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other visitors or staff, to leave the park immediately. In these circumstances the holiday ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you or refund of fees.


Touring Park Terms and Conditions



• Visitors to the Park with Touring Caravans / Motor Homes will only be admitted by prior approval through the Booking system. Full payment and registration must be made before the pitch can be occupied. Pitches must be vacated and Keys returned by 12noon on day of departure. There will be a charge of £5 for the non-return of Toilet Block Keys.
• Arrivals no later than 8pm unless by special arrangement.
• The person registered to occupy the pitch is responsible for the behaviour of all occupants of the caravan while on the Park and may only have use of the Park and facilities for the period of time for which they have paid to occupy a pitch.
• We cater for families and couples and do not accept bookings from all male or all female parties of three or more persons.
• Parents must ensure that their children are supervised at all times, so as not to be a danger to themselves or nuisance to others. They are not permitted to roam on the Park or Beach after dark or Trespass on other parks or neighbouring land or property at any time.
• Loitering and Anti-social behaviour is Strictly Forbidden.
• Persons, who deface or damage Park property, must pay for reinstatement and will be required to leave the Park immediately.
• Consumption of alcohol in public areas on the Park is not permitted.
• Use of unlawful drugs is a criminal offence and will lead to investigation by Police.
• Fireworks, Firearms and dangerous menacing ‘toys’ are strictly forbidden and should not be in your possession while on the Park.
• We are entitled to eject anyone from the Park who is guilty of a criminal offence or persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the Park. The area around the caravan should be kept clean and tidy. Personal property should not encroach neighbouring pitches.
• Rubbish should be placed in appropriate recycling Bins provided at designated areas.
• Aerials must be securely attached to the caravan so as not to cause damage or injury.
• Gazebos and Windbreaks must be removed when not in use due to risks under ‘Health & Safety’ and Damage to other users of the park.
• Tents are not permitted.
• Ground Sheets in Awnings are not Permitted
• BBQ’s or Electric Fans are not allowed inside Awnings.
• Fires are not to be lit on the Park or Beach other than Barbecues which must be in a contained receptacle,.
• Flags or Emblems must not be displayed.
• Sewage disposal is on a Septic Tank system, only cleaning products suitable for this system may be used. Disposable Nappies, Towels and Tampons may not be flushed down the toilets or Waste Disposal as these will cause damage to the pumps.
• Please respect the privacy of fellow caravanners by not driving, walking or cycling between caravans.
• Quiet hours are 11pm - 7am keep noise to a minimum.
• Please keep away from any vacant pitches.



• Only Touring caravans/motorhomes that are maintained to a good standard and presentation will be admitted to the park.
• Only Privately Owned touring caravans will be permitted on the Park.
• Owners have a duty of care and responsibility to maintain their caravan to gas safety requirements. A copy of the current gas and electricity inspection certificates for the caravan must be available for inspection by Park Manager. The caravan must have a working Smoke Alarm, serviced Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Blanket. The registered guest and party should familiarize themselves with the location of Park Fire Extinguishers and Fire Action Plan, see Park Notice Board.
• Caravans may not be occupied by anyone other than the registered visitor and those accompanying.
• No touring caravan shall be used for sleeping more than the number of persons for which it was designed.
• Persons under the age of eighteen years may not occupy a caravan at any time unless accompanied by a responsible adult.



• All touring caravans must be adequately insured with a Third Party Liability of £2m. A copy of the Policy Document and evidence of Payment of Premium must be available for inspection.
• Sandycove Holiday Homes Ltd does not accept responsibility for personal injury, or loss or damage to the property of the caravan owner or visitor. Please make adequate provision for such an eventuality with Personal Insurance Cover.



• Pets are welcome on the Park but must remain under strict control and not cause a nuisance. They must never be left unattended. Owners must clean up after their pet whether on the Park or Beach.
• Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times on the Park and on the Beach.



• The level of power supply is 10amp. Persistent overload, will lead to the withdrawal of the service.
• Generators or such similar equipment are not permitted.
• Any overload to Electric after 10pm will not be restored until 9am the following morning. We advise you to carry a torch in your caravan for Emergencies.



• Arrangements for purchase of Laundry Tokens & Gas may be found on the Park Manager’s notice board. The Park Manager will make a refund for unused Laundry Tokens, which must be returned before departure.
• Clothes lines are not permitted.
• No Hot water to be carried from the Laundry Room. Liquid Detergent only in Washing Machine
• Children are not permitted in the Laundry Room unless accompanied by a responsible adult.



• The provisions of the Highway Code apply to the roads of the Park. The speed limit is 10 mph.
• Access roads must be used where possible. When the ground is soft or wet please avoid driving on the grass.
• Driving on the Beach is only permitted when launching or retrieving water sport equipment.
• Driving instruction on the Park and Beach is prohibited.
• Off-road Vehicles, Quads and Motorized Scooters are not permitted on the Park or Beach.
• Only two vehicles permitted per pitch. Commercial Vehicles of any kind may not accompany a Touring Caravan / Motor Home.
• No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the Park.



• Games likely to cause damage to property may not be played in the vicinity of caravans. Ball and other games are only permitted in the areas set aside for recreation.



• Door–to-door selling of ballots, requests for subscriptions, signatures, collections or soliciting of any kind is strictly forbidden.



• The introduction of outside trading interests is strictly forbidden.
• Traders, Salesmen or Couriers may not have access to the Park except by prior consent.



• A minimum of 14 days written notice (letter/email), in advance of arrival date will be required from anyone wishing to cancel their booking. If more than 14 days notice is given, the booking may be rearranged to another available date within the season or alternatively a refund can be given less a £5.00 administration charge. Cancellations within 14 days of the customers arrival date will not be transferable unless in exceptional circumstances such as illness or family bereavement. Appropriate documentation must be given to support this. Refunds cannot be made for any amendments made to the booking on arrival or during stay.



• Failure to arrive without satisfactory explanation or written cancellation being received will receive no transfer or refund. If no notification is given and the pitch is not occupied by 1.00pm pm the day following the arrival date, we reserve the right to re-let the pitch with the payment forfeited.



• All published prices include VAT and are subject to change without prior notification.
• If you pay for a booking by Credit card / Commercial Business Credit/Debit Card you agree to pay 2% of total booking to Barclay Card for handling services it provides to you.
• Payment can be made by cash, cheque, and credit / debit card. Cheques will only be accepted 10 working days in advance of arrival date.
• Cash / Cheque bookings will only be accepted with a completed booking form.
• When a booking is made you agree to adhere by the Rules & Terms & Conditions of the Park.



• A minimum of 2 nights can be booked online. Bookings for one night can only be made by telephoning 028 4275 8200.



• Following a booking you will receive a receipt confirming payment and allocation of Pitch Number please bring receipt with you when arriving at the park.
• Changing pitch on arrival is not permitted.


The Directors of Sandycove Holiday Homes Ltd. reserve the right to refuse admission to any of the Sandycove Holiday Homes Ltd. premises (and to require any visitors to leave the premises immediately), if they behave in an abusive manner or a manner likely to cause distress to other visitors or staff. Phonecalls to Sandycove Holiday Homes are recorded and may be monitored for lawful business practices.


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