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Caravan Specific Gas Safety Test Certificate

As a result of several recent fatalities due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning, many more static caravan holiday park owners are insisting on inspecting Gas Safe Test Certificates for all caravans on their parks. 

Sandycove have been refining their procedures through CORGI certification and now with the Gas Safe Register Scheme. As a result of the many years of experience, Sandycove have now developed their own Gas Safe Test Certificate specifically for static caravan holiday homes. J J Kennedy, director of Sandycove Holiday Homes said,

“We had been using the standard forms for many years but we had found that it wasn’t specific enough for caravans and that there wasn’t the opportunity to give adequate feedback to the customer.”

Mr Kennedy continued,

“There can be many different Gas appliances in a caravan, not to mention the vents and flues which are equally important. Our engineers have to be sure the entire caravan is ‘Gas Safe’ before issuing a Gas Safe Test Certificate. It is a bit like an MOT for a car, it lets the customer know that the caravan is safe to use, it also lets the park owner know that the caravan is safe to occupy a pitch of their park.”

Sandycove Holiday Homes have two Gas Safe Registered engineers, who can not only check if a caravan is ‘Gas Safe’, but can also make it ‘Gas Safe’ by repairing or replacing faulty or dangerous appliances. Chris Cummings, who is one of Sandycove’s Gas Safe engineers said,

“I have seen some nightmare situation. People very often do not think of the consequences of doing something to their Gas appliance. These are dangerous pieces of equipment and if you are not qualified to work on them, don’t. But one of the most common issues is people blocking their vents, why would anyone want to keep poisonous gas in their caravan? Recent deaths from Carbon Monoxide have shown how dangerous this is.”  

If you require a Gas Test for your Caravan, please do not hesitate to contact the Sandycove Sales Department on 028 4275 8200 or
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