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COVID-19 Procedure

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Insurance customers on non-Sandycove parks

Payments for Insurance Renewals can be made by credit/debit card over the telephone (028 4275 8200), by cheque/bankers draft, or alternatively a BACS payment. Please contact the Head Office if you have any issues or queries.

If you wish to pay cash, please keep in mind our restrictions on access to the Head Office as per the flyer enclosed with your insurance renewal. Thank you for your business and co-operation at this time.

Annual agreement return process

If you have been offered an annual pitch licence agreement, you will find two booklets within your pitch fee pack. These are your licence agreements, they are very important as they require your attention.

They enable you to keep your caravan on our pitch for the duration of the agreement. These both MUST be signed/initialled and returned to be valid, so that a pitch fee payment can be made.

Initial Boxes
At the bottom of each page there is a single box in which both parties if a joint agreement, or the sole party must initial to confirm their understanding and agreement. See below example.

Initial Boxes

Signature Page (Page 16)
On Page 16, there are multiple signature boxes. The caravan owner must sign where it says signature, print their name below and write the date on which they signed. For joint-owners, both Caravan Owner 1 and Caravan Owner 2 must sign, print their names and fill in the date of agreement beneath that. Please remember to fill in both agreements.

We will complete the Park or Representative section once the agreements are completed and returned. We remind you that without a valid agreement, your caravan cannot stay on the park

Signature Page (16)

When you have completed both agreements, simply place these in the prepaid, addressed envelope alongside any other documentation you wish to return, and return these to us.

We can accept Cheque/Bankers’ Draft payments by post, Card or BACS transfer following our receipt of your agreements, by Telephone on 028 4275 8200 or Cash at our HQ Office, where the previous methods are not an option.

Should you wish to pay by our Standing Order payment plan, simply complete the slip at the bottom of your Pitch Fee Notice with your bank account branch/account details, sign and date, then return alongside your signed completed licence agreements. This must be completed as soon as possible to ensure your payment comes out before the first payment date.

Head Office Pre-visit Information

The following procedures are in place for those who absolutely must visit the head office. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • Only come to the Sandycove Head Office if you absolutely must - phone us beforehand to check if visiting the office is necessary, or if there is anything we can do to facilitate this remotely.
  • Have any paperwork completed before you arrive - double check where you should sign or initial your paperwork. Our online guide should help with this (see above).
  • You will only be permitted into our specially adapted reception area. Hand sanitiser is available and must be used before entry.
  • Make sure you wear a mask – you will not be allowed in without one.
  • Please avoid paying by cash if possible - we accept cheque, credit/debit cards, bankers draft and BACS transfer.
  • Only one adult will be permitted in the reception area at a time - prepare for waiting outside or in your car. Additionally, we do not have public toilet facilities at this time.
  • Bring a pen - just in case you have forgotten to sign or initial something. We will not be able to provide you with one.
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